Freestone Wine Cellar

A natural stone offers many advantages. One of these is the antiallergenic feature as well non flammable.

The unique atmosphere created by using freestone, is not only comforting but also stylish.

Beyond that and in spite of variability in height and width, using this art of vault cellar there will not be created any kind of airing jams, therefore no mold formation possible.

If you´ll be using your wine cellar as a storage room, for wine tasting or just to entertain- to complete your passion we can make every wish come true. In need of wine shelves, fireplace, windows or floor heating, there are no limits to complete your interior decoration.

We are here to consult you!

We plan and design wine cellars for the private wine collector as well, in every size or form desired. Each cellar is build to fit your own imagination and need.

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