The Passion for wine

The best storage for a good bottle of wine is, besides the brain, a good functioning wine cellar


Due to my good grads at school, I was lucky enough to be part of a student exchange program to Carcassonne in Languedoc-Roussillon Region, France. Exchange made possible by the Chamber of Lawyers Bayreuth. My internship started with the company Casanova.

about-us-coumax-256x300The company boss seemed to agree with my attitude-to-work; therefore I was allowed to join on his daily customer visits. Those customers were wine makers to whom we delivered and maintained wood barrels.

That´s how my fascination for wine cellars came alive!

The outcome was schooling to the art of vault-cellar.

Coumax Bau GmbH was established in 1999 and with it the first steps towards the art of vault cellar building were made.

The use of such can be so diverse: storing of wines, fruits and vegetables or simply just as an entertaining jewel, for the small or bigger wine tasting events.

Some of my employees were trained in this art. The basic designs are made together with the customer, based on his individuality, wishes and imagination.

There are many options on how to build a free standing volt cellar that can be covered or integrated to the inside of a house. There is also the option to build one in already available regular cellar.

Which of these options are chosen will depend on the purpose the building will later have.

To reach and maintain a perfect balance between temperature and moisture, wine cellars should be kept dark. It will help the wine to keep its natural compound and taste.

Therefore a symbiosis of light, temperature and taste will be created.

It is close to my heart that every wine cellar will become one of a kind, to catch and mirror it´s owner character and personality.

The diverse stone types can be natural or artificial. Therefore is very important how you incorporate the assembly of these, making sure you keep the balance and personal charm of the cellar. The execution of the seams it´s an art on it´s own.

Not less important is to keep the seams in tune with the stones, to create a perfect arch.

There are different types of vault cellars, not to be mistaken with the classical ones build to ensure the balance of a cellar.

An arch could also take different forms such as: semicircular, corpus (with different central points), pointed, flat, segments etc.

A truly important element in building a vault cellar is to mason the so-called “bishof-cap” from all sites simultaneously.

What makes us different is the fact that we don´t use prefabricated segments but a wooden gauge.

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