Vault cellar

What is our drive to build the highest quality of wine and vault cellar?

„A cellar needs to breath, it needs to be alive. To be certain that the “noble drop” is aging well in the bottle and the humidity is right, the temperature must be kept constant” explains the vault cellar builder and experienced wine afficionado Peter Distler. Distler wallows in memory talking about his past visits to old wine cellars and vaults across Tuscany or Germany. Early on he was fascinated by the way cellars were mason and he combines the love for wine with years of experience as a general contractor. “We revive the almost forgotten craftsmanship of the traditional vault cellar. At the same time we emphasize the love to details of the extravagant vault forms. We plan each vault cellar according to our client personal wish and location circumstances, serving individuals and businesses in the same manner.”

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